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Kitchen Design

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The design process starts with a thorough assessment of the client’s needs and wish list.
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Project Management

Krista Van Kessel - Marin County Kitchen Design

Being organized when beginning a remodel helps to relieve the stress that can easily escalate during construction.
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Cabinetry Sales

Marin County Kitchen Cabinets - Marin Kitchen Design - Krista Van Kessel Designs

Cabinetry sets the style and quality of investment for a kitchen or bath.
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Our Process

  • Meet & Agree
  • Idea & Concept
  • Design & Create
  • Build & Install

Designing a kitchen or bath takes time, planning and organization, as every detail needs to be discussed and decided before demo begins in order to alleviate a timely construction process. Communication is key as well as compatibility between clients, designer and contractor. The initial meeting is to assess this potential working relationship and see if it’s a good fit, make sure everyone is feeling understood and heard. Once it is established that we are all on the same page and have a mutual enthusiasm to create a working relationship a design/cabinet sales agreement is written up between both parties and you are made a priority in Krista’s schedule with weekly appointments made to complete the project with set intention.

Inevitably there will be many ways to design the kitchen or bath and many different ideas to flush out so the very best one will come to fruition. Krista’s design method is to get all the ideas out at this time and hear from all who are in involved as even if a bad idea is thrown into the mix it only enhances the good ideas. Once the main layout is determined Krista will draw the floor plan(s) to work out all the details on paper. With her CAD program it is easy for those who’s strong suit is not visualizing as with a click of a button perspective renderings are generated for easy viewing from all angles of the space.

The fun begins once the cabinet layout is determined and the material selections get to be explored and decided upon. Krista can make selections based on your personal style, go shopping with you or give you a list of places to go. From there, an entire spec book gets created for your project with all the samples of selections, spec sheets and any notes or drawings necessary to communicate clearly to the contractor and his subs.

Together with the plans and spec book the contractor and his subs should be able to have a clear idea as to what the building and installation intentions are but communication is still imperative. Before Krista places her cabinet order she goes over every detail with the contractor who will be installing it as well as going over all details personally with the tile setter, stone fabricator, flooring specialist, electrician, painter and plumber to work out every foreseeable issue and come up with all the solutions as best as possible.