Marin County Kitchen Design

Marin County Kitchen Design

Marin County Kitchen Design — The design process starts with a thorough assessment of the current space to be remodeled, with an in-depth conversation about what is working with the current layout, what is not working, what the client’s vision is, their needs and what they have always wanted in the area to be remodeled.

Budget is discussed with ideas of how to address keeping the project within the budget parameters. From there measurements are taken for Krista to create drawings of existing floor plan, proposed floor plan(s), elevations and perspectives.

Krista then assists in helping to walk her clients through the selection process of all the materials to be chosen for the project- from cabinetry to the kitchen sink to create what is called a Spec Book.

Together with a comprehensive set of plans and Spec Book of all the materials, a contractor can price out the building and installation, pull a building permit and get started on the project with a clear plan.


“I’d like to recommend Krista if you are considering a kitchen or bath remodel. She has not only a terrific design sense, she also has hands on knowledge of how cabinets are fabricated. This experience translates to an intimate understanding of the inner workings of cabinetry and this in turn offers a unique perspective to the client on the best possible functional layout for the kitchen. She has a broad creative background and a passion for making things beautiful and complimentary, whether cabinetry, appliances, countertops or fixtures.
Many people spend a great deal of time in the kitchen. Her passion for cooking and the understanding of how the kitchen is often at the heart of the house is a great combination, one you will greatly appreciate while working with her on remodeling your space, and well after it is completed.”
—Patrick LePelch-Architect
Marin County Kitchen Design - Krista Van Kessel Designs
Krista Van Kessel - Marin County Kitchen Designer